Troops are responsible for their own meals except lunch on Saturday.  Due to the proximity of the Fuel Farm, open pit cooking FIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED.  All cooking must be done on gas cook stoves or charcoal grills.  Please keep charcoal off the ground!
At lunch time on Saturday, look down at your feet.  If they are on the Airport or Fairgrounds, you will be eating at Skyhaven Airport.  If they are on the Golf Course you will eat there.  If they are anywhere else, you will eat at Ellis Dining Hall.  Both Ellis Dining Hall and the Golf Course have agreed to allow Scouts and Scouters to eat there at a reduced rate of $7.00.  Have the money in your pocket, as you will each pay individually when you arrive at Ellis.
Here is a quick list of Merit Badges and where those attending during 1st block will eat….
Airport:  Aviation,
Ellis Dining Hall:



Where Do We EAT and Are Campfires Okay?