Faculty and Staff of the 2023 UCM Merit Badge University and Aviation Encampment.

Jason Gilbert – Director – Warrensburg Police Department and Boy Scout Troop 400
Dr. Matt Furedy – Aviation – University of Central Missouri
Dr. Scott Wilson – Automotive Maintenance – University of Central Missouri
Gary Swanson – Digital Technology – IT Department with the City of Warrensburg
Jason Ashley – Electricity – Boy Scout Troop 400
Kris Moore – Fire Safety – Johnson County Fire Protection District
Blake Rasmussen – First Aid – Johnson County Ambulance District
Les Boatright – Golf
K. Adam Sommer – Law –
Harris, Harris and Sommer Law Firm
Scott Medlock
Scott Medlock – Nuclear Science
Terry Hill – Search and Rescue – Warrensburg Fire Department
Sgt Joe Jennings – Traffic Safety – University of Central Missouri Department of Public Safety
Dr. Greg Houtsma – Veterinary Medicine – Warrensburg Animal Hospital
Bob Hale – Welding – Boy Scout Troop 400
Darren McCrory – Automotive Maintenance – University of Central Missouri Professor
Cpl Stephanie Prindle – Fingerprinting – Warrensburg Police Department
Shannon Johnson – Moviemaking – University of Central Missouri Professor