Our goal at Crider’s Institute of Welding Technology is to train students to be certified welders which will enable them to have a marketable skill, a rewarding career and the self-worth and satisfaction of knowing the training is the best and the most up-to-date possible.
CIWT is conveniently located in Grain Valley, Missouri, just 15 minutes east of Kansas City. Here, students will advance at their own pace with the potential of becoming certified in pipe, stainless and aluminum welding. With 20% classroom and 80% hands on learning skills from our highly qualified instructors, a certification is possible in as little as five months. Don’t get lost in the crowd of one of the huge training centers. Bigger is not necessarily better. At CIWT, we will never have more than a 12:1 student to instructor ratio. This allows for plenty of one on one training with our experienced, caring staff. With the skills and knowledge gained at CIWT, job opportunities are possible all over the country and the world in a variety of industries; automotive, shipbuilding, pipeline, aircraft and many, many more. Our students are diversified and have one goal in common. To be more, to be better, to be successful.

Crider’s Institute of Welding Technology