Alex Richards started his path toward his career at a small junior college.  From there he continued his education to include not only a B.A.S. degree in Automotive Technology from Southern Illinois University, but also a M.S.ed from the highly accredited Workforce Education and Development department there at SIU.  While earning his Masters degree, Alex worked as a graduate assistant for the Automotive Department, where he discovered how much he enjoyed working alongside students, helping them achieve a greater understanding of the subject matter at hand.

Alex, as an automotive instructor, strives to be not only a mentor, but an asset to his student’s education, and specializes in areas of learning that are catered to his students needs, abilities, and requirements.

Mr. Richards also stays involved in student activities as adviser for the UCM Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Here, Mr. Richards assists students in various automotive activities and community service.

Alex Richards