Earning the Robotics merit badge requires a Scout to understand how robots move (actuators), sense the environment (sensors), and understand what to do (programming); he should demonstrate robot design in building a robot. You should help ensure that the Scout has sufficiently explored the field of robotics to understand what it is about, and to discover whether this may be a field of interest for him as a career.


Maximum Class Size: 30 Scouts

Age Restriction:  None

Pre-Requisites:  Requirements 6 and 7.  Students will be using the Parallax BOE BOT.  Scan the on line manual before coming to the event at www.parallax.com/downloads/robotics-boe-bot-text

Required Equipment or Supplies:  Merit Badge Worksheet (Link below), Paper, and Pencil or Pen

Robotics Worksheet Link

Robotics (Not Confirmed)