Check for answers to your questions before contacting staff, so as to reduce workload on students/volunteers.

Keep checking to stay up to date on information such as required materials, or any fees related to particular badges.

Why Cant I Register for the 2018 MBU?

Troop Registration is currently closed as we reached maximum capacity in record time this year!  Please keep us in mind for 2019!!

When Does Our Troop Need to Arrive?

There is a mandatory safety briefing Friday night at 8:30pm.  All troops must arrive prior to 8:30pm for this meeting and may set up camp after if needed.  Everyone is encourage to try to be at the Airport and set up prior to the meeting.

Do You Have A Brochure?

Of Course We Do!  You can download our brochure at 2017 MBU Brochure!

What Rank Advancement Training Opportunities are there?

We are pleased to announce we have added the Trail to First Class program.  Registration for these classes are integrated into the Class Schedule and will be taught as if it were a regular merit badge.  Courses in First Aid (Scout thru First Class), Totin Chip (Scout thru First Class), etc. are included to help your newer Scouts earn advancements.  These classes are geared toward the new Scout.  NO REQUIREMENTS WILL BE SIGNED OFF during these classes.  These classes serve as a exposure to the skills and will not be signed off by UCM MBU Staff.  Once the Scout has satisfied Troop Leadership they have mastered the skill, then the Troop may sign off the skill in the Scout’s Handbook.

Where Do We EAT and Are Campfires Okay?

Troops are responsible for their own meals except lunch on Saturday.  Due to the proximity of the Fuel Farm, open pit cooking FIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED.  All cooking must be done on gas cook stoves or charcoal grills.  Please keep charcoal off the ground!
At lunch time on Saturday, look down at your feet.  If they are on the Airport or Fairgrounds, you will be eating at Skyhaven Airport.  If they are on the Golf Course you will eat there.  If they are anywhere else, you will eat at Ellis Dining Hall.  Both Ellis Dining Hall and the Golf Course have agreed to allow Scouts and Scouters to eat there at a reduced rate of $7.00.  Have the money in your pocket, as you will each pay individually when you arrive at Ellis.
Here is a quick list of Merit Badges and where those attending during 1st block will eat….
Airport:  Aviation,
Ellis Dining Hall:



What About Food?

Troops are responsible for their own meals (gas cook stoves only).   Those attending class on campus, during the lunch hour, will have an opportunity to eat at the Ellis Dorm Dining Hall.  Ellis Hall is providing a price break, dropping the price to eat there to $7.00 each which will have to be paid by those eating.​

What do I need to bring?

Be Prepared!

Bring your camping gear, notebook, pencils/pens, Merit Badge Worksheets/Pamphlets, etc.

We’ll post a suggested “packing list” as we get closer to the event.

How Much does the UCM Merit Badge University Cost?

There is a nominal charge of $20.00/Scout for the event (this fee covers things like porta-potty’s, bus service, UCM fees, etc.).  Adults attend for $10, with the first two adults attending free.

A green fee of $10.00 is required for those attending Golf Merit Badge.  Scouts signed up for Aviation Merit Badge may opt to participate in a 20 minute airplane flight.  The price for flights is $30.00.  Some other classes may have small supply fees and you will be informed of those fees as soon as we know they exist.

Payment is to be done as a Troop!


What Merit Badges and Advancment Training will be Offered?

The exact list is still being worked on.  But, updates will be available in the Merit Badge section of this website.

Where is the UCM Merit Badge University

At Skyhaven Airport, Warrensburg, MO

You can view the exact address and maps at:

When is Merit Badge University

April 13-15, 2018 (Fri-Sun)…  Scouts camp with their Patrols/Troops at Skyhaven Airport in Warrensburg